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How to choose the right skin care products.
Moisturiser, cleanser and toner from eBay can help your skin look and feel its best. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying these skin care products.
Cleansers help fight acne and other blemishes by removing dirt and buildup from pores. Toner is a second layer of defense that controls extra bits of oil and grease that cleansers miss.
You can use moisturisers to hydrate and treat skin on your face and other parts of your body. If you have an oily or combination complexion, lighter styles of lotions are best for the face, if you have dry skin, heavier moisturisers are best for you.
Skin care products also help protect you from the harsh Australian sun. Buying a moisturiser with SPF helps protect your skin from damage from the sun.
Looking after your skin is important and you can find a great range of products from a variety of brands to try on eBay.