Skiing Equipment

As soon as the weather turns cold, many people look forward to the beloved winter sport of skiing. Whether you are an advanced skier looking to revamp your gear, or a beginner in need of the best gear for your level, you are sure to find the skiing equipment for your needs. From skis, poles and boots, to extra protective gear, everything you need is waiting for you to have your best ski season yet.

Skiing Equipment by Brand

A number of trusted brands make ski equipment for just about every level of skier. Some of the most popular brands include Rossignol, K2, and ATOMIC. Volkl and Salomon are also known for their high-quality ski equipment, particularly for more advanced levels of skiers. Many people invest in these brands and more, whether the equipment is brand new or previously owned.

Ski Poles and Boots

Naturally, at the very core of skiing is the actual equipment that you ski with. You would not be able to get anywhere without ski poles and boots. However, both of these pieces of equipment need to be sized properly in order for them to function at their very best. Poles are sized based on your height, while the perfect boots can be found based on both your height and weight, as well as your skiing abilities.

Skis and Bindings

Skis and bindings are equally as important in your skiing experience as well. There are a wide range of skis to choose from, depending on the conditions that you will be skiing in, as well as your physical build. Ski bindings are the devices used to connect your ski boots on to your skis, which also work as a safety device—if you were to fall, your bindings work to release your boot from your ski. Your bindings will need to fit your boot, and can sometimes require replacing if they sustain damage.

Other Ski Apparel and Accessories

With temperatures often below freezing, you will want to ensure you have all the best equipment in order to stay warm and keep the snow and other elements away from your body. Skiing and snowboarding jackets are one of the best pieces of gear to have on hand. You can find basic shells that wick away moisture but are otherwise lightweight, but also down jackets with many removable layers for the utmost degree of warmth. Ski bottoms are highly important as well, as are protective ski goggles. Finally, thermal socks and gloves will keep your extremities happy on the slopes, too.