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Slate Pool Table

Slate Pool Tables

Anyone who knows any form of pool knows that the best snooker, pool and billiards tables are made with slate. There are substitutes available such as MDF and even plywood but none of them are worth the price of real slate. No substitute matches the smoothness, lifespan or accuracy of a good slate table.


The two drawbacks to slate are that it is both heavy and expensive. One way that manufacturers have sought to avoid that is through the introduction of thinner and lighter slates. While the standard slate is one-inch thick, some manufacturers offer either half-inch or three-quarter-inch slates. Others offer seven-eighths of an inch as a one-inch slate. Whenever possible, go for the full inch as it provides the best balance of both smoothness and durability.

The Frame

The frame of your pool table acts as its skeleton, holding everything together and in place. The best frames attach directly to the bottom of the slate so that they provide even support throughout. This prevents sagging and extends the life of your pool table. At the very least you want a minimum of one full-length central beam and two cross beams.

The Legs

Something has to hold up all that weight, and thats where the legs come in. Most experts recommend solid legs that mount directly to the slate. They provide the most strength and stability. Two-piece legs are available, but avoid the ones fastened with a single nut and bolt because they tend to loosen over time.

Room and Accessories

Before buying a pool table, make sure you have enough room for it. At the very least you want a metre and a half clearance around the table on all sides if not more. Standard snooker, pool and billiards cues are about 144 cm long so you need that much space around your table to play properly.

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