Sleep Masks

Sleep Masks

Getting bad sleep can lead to serious health issues, not to mention general tiredness and discomfort throughout the day. Easy-to-use sleep aids like sleep masks can have a huge positive effect on your health and well-being by letting you sleep more easily and more deeply.

Why Use a Sleep Mask?

It can be very difficult to fall asleep in a room that is too bright. Between gaps in the curtains, LED displays on electronics and partners who like to read at night, maintaining a perfectly dark environment isn’t easy. The much simpler alternative is to block out the light with a sleep mask. By keeping the light out, you can enjoy easier, better quality sleep. They are especially useful for sleeping in less than ideal environments such as when napping during the day or trying to sleep on a crowded aeroplane.

Sleep Mask Materials

Sleep masks can be made out of many different materials. Lightweight and inexpensive travel eye masks are often made from cotton or polyester, as these materials don’t weigh or cost much but are still effective. Cotton is more breathable than polyester but polyester is more durable and resists staining and fading to a greater extent. Memory foam is also a popular sleep mask material as it is soft and its extra structure can be used to create hollow cavities over the eyes, preventing pressure on the eyelids and eyelashes. For a more luxurious mask, silk and satin options are extremely soft and block light very well.

Sleep Mask Designs

Sleep masks are intended to block light so the most obvious colour is black. Plain black is a very common sleep mask colour, particularly for travel masks. It is far from the only option available, though. Sleep masks are as varied in colour as they are in materials and bright colours, text and printed designs are all common.

Other Sleep Aids

Light is not the only problem that can prevent good sleep and sleep masks are not the only sleeping aid available. Sleeping aid mouthpieces, chin straps and nasal strips are all available in order to reduce sleep-ruining issues like snoring and sleep apnea. If sound is your problem rather than light when trying to get to sleep, a good set of ear plugs or earmuffs can really help to get you through the night peacefully.