Sleeveless T-Shirts for Men

Show Off Your Guns in Men's Sleeveless T-Shirts

Got muscles for days? Don't hide them away. Show off what you've got with men's sleeveless t-shirts. Perfect for the gym, outdoor sports, and casual summer days, men's vests are a cool alternative to a classic t-shirt. Ideal if you want to put your biceps on display, men's sleeveless t-shirts come in all different styles, and you'll find plenty to choose from on eBay.

Men's sleeveless t-shirts for training

If you're at the gym, a sleeveless sports top offers a better range of movement than a t-shirt with sleeves. When choosing what to wear for your workout, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Make sure the armholes are cut far enough back to allow you to move comfortably. Seams digging into your armpit will make your workout uncomfortable.
  • Your t-shirt should fit close enough that it won't shift around while you move. If you're lifting weights, your top should stay in place, rather than falling when you bend down.
  • Technical fabrics specifically designed for sports are now widely available. Look for one with moisture-wicking properties to avoid getting damp and sweaty.
  • Going running? Then you might want to opt for a slightly looser fit, for comfort, rather than sticking with the tighter t-shirts for the gym.
Staying stylish in your sleeveless tee

Men's sleeveless t-shirts are often designed for sports, but you can still look good. Choose whichever colour scheme you like, and look for the details that will make it special. The most common neckline is a classic crew, so a v-neck will add interest if you want to stand out from the crowd. Go for thinner straps if your broad shoulders are an asset that you want to show off.

Can men wear sleeveless t-shirts in the street?

Of course. It may not be as common as a t-shirt with sleeves, but a vest top is great for summer. Choose a t-shirt made from a soft cotton jersey that is breathable and comfortable to wear.

Can you layer men's sleeveless t-shirts?

Yes. This is a great look for the evening when the weather could get a bit chilly. Put a button-down shirt over the top of your sleeveless t-shirt. Leave it open to be casual and let the breeze in, or button it part of the way up if you need the extra warmth. Either way, it's a great way to dress up your sleeveless t-shirt a little bit.