Sleigh Baby Cots and Cribs

Sleigh baby cots and cribs offer a traditional style with a bit of flare. Designed with higher ends, these baby cots and cribs provide a beautiful addition to any nursery. Investing in all of the components necessary for a new baby's arrival can be a challenge, but finding just the right bed, along with accessories, such as cot and crib mattresses, can help any parent know that his or her child is sleeping well at night. With numerous options available, finding the ideal choice may not be difficult.

Portable Sleigh Baby Cot and Crib

A trendy option is the portable sleigh baby cot and crib. These fold up neatly to allow for easy transport to and from various locations. They still feature the detailing of a sleigh cot or crib with the end pieces carved outward at the top to resemble that of a sleigh, but they are lightweight, compact and easy to move and set up in another location.

Full Sleigh Baby Cribs

Full-sized, traditional sleigh baby cot and crib options are more common. The traditional look of these pieces typically includes a wooden design. Many wood options are available with walnut and oak being a popular option. Colours of these beds also range from brown and cherry stains to bright white, so parents can select from a wide range of colours to match any room theme. Even bright pink is an option for some.

Three-Position Sleigh Cot and Crib

Buyers of a sleigh cot or crib also need to consider the functional aspects of the bed. First, consider the movement of the crib or cot mattress. A three-position option allows for the raising and lowering of the mattress. As a child grows and reaches closer to the top edge of the bed, these lower positions help to reduce the risk of tumbles out of it. Also, buyers need to consider the outward rail. In some models, these are removable, allowing for a toddler to have easy access to his or her bed while still being protected on two sides.

Complete Sleigh Cot or Crib Sets

Many parents invest in a sleigh bed as a part of a set. With added mattresses, dressers and changing tables, it is easy to create a unified look in any nursery. Sets include varied pieces depending on the manufacturer.