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Sleigh Beds

The sleigh bed is a vintage design that still fits seamlessly into modern bedrooms. Its signature style makes it a popular way to add visual interest to your sleeping space.

Sleigh Bed Design

The sleigh bed is a vintage style that can be traced back centuries. Its modern popularity began as part of the Empire Style that became fashionable in Napoleonic France in the early 1800s and quickly spread to the rest of Europe and the United States. As the name might suggest, the Empire Style actually looked back even further to Greek and Roman design, and Empire Style designs like the sleigh bed were directly inspired by Roman art. Sleigh beds are named for their resemblance to a sleigh. They feature tall, curved headboards and footboards, typically made from solid wood and finished with decorated scrolled ends. Many furniture companies now make them, ranging from mass-produced designs to unique handmade sleigh beds.

Sleigh Bed Materials

The traditional sleigh bed is made from solid wood and timber sleigh beds continue to be a popular option, often in attractive hardwoods like oak and mahogany. The sleigh bed design means that solid hardwood makes for a very heavy bed, though. Some sleigh beds are made from other materials, often using fabric upholstery over a wooden frame. Depending on the fabric used, this can make for a more modern appearance than the classic wooden sleigh bed. Metal sleigh beds are another option, although they often diverge more from the traditional sleigh bed pattern by getting rid of the scrolling. Some wooden designs also depart from the classic design a little in order to reduce weight, either by using non-solid headboards and footboards or sometimes by removing the footboard entirely for a more understated look.

Sleigh Bed Size

Sleigh beds are typically large and heavy, designed to provide a real centrepiece for a bedroom. King and queen size sleigh beds are very common, as the size really helps to accentuate the bed’s unique headboard and footboard shape. They can be made in any size, though, and single size sleigh beds can look very good in the right setting. Even children’s sleigh beds are available and make an eye-catching part of any nursery.

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