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Slide-On Caravans and Motorhomes

Go off-road at a whim, whether to fish for trout in Tasmania or to camp in Hervey Bay in one these slide-on caravans and motorhomes. In addition to sparing you the horrors of overbooked accommodation in hotels, you get your very own personal space to enjoy and have meals, drinks and snacks whenever you fancy. Find what suits your family's needs best from this selection of caravans and motorhomes for sale from reliable brands, such as Toyota, Franklin, Millard, Winnebago and Ford campervans.

Pros of Slide-On Caravans

Tow boats, jet skis and horse floats behind your slide-on caravan without needing to choose between the two. Since the slide-on caravan allows full detachment from your ute tray, sometimes within minutes with the automatic options, you can leave it at your campsite to explore the nearby countryside unencumbered or park it in your garage to use the ute all year round. Its compact and lightweight form means it saves you fuel and is easy to park and store in limited space, even spots where larger RVs cannot.

Pros of Motorhomes

As self-contained living quarters, motorhomes offer greater comfort and more space than caravans, so they are ideal for long holidays and extended stays. Compared to the slide-on caravan that requires repeated hitching and unhitching, save time and energy with a motorhome that is easy to set up at campsites and does not require towing. Driving in bad weather is also not a problem as the motorhome is highly manoeuvrable.

Tips for Buying New or Used Slide-On Caravans and Motorhomes

Well-loved used caravans and motorhomes are rich in character and easier on your pockets, but they may have a high amount of wear and tear. Balance that against the cost of buying brand-new, ready-fitted out, but much more expensive, caravans and motorhomes to find what works for your budget. To earn extra income, consider hiring out your caravan or motorhome when you're not using it.