Find privacy and style with the help of sliding door hardware

Having the right building materials and DIY equipment can help open, or slide open, the door to incredible opportunities for reshaping the look and feel of your home. Sliding doors can deliver a wide range of looks, from rustic to contemporary, chic to stylish. Whether you're adding some of these interesting pieces to your home or already have a set you love that just needs a bit of repair, eBay has the sliding door hardware you need to make sure everything looks and runs smoothly.

3 reasons why sliding doors can be a great addition to your home

Are you one of those people who has never known the joy of owning a home with interior sliding doors and don't get what the big deal is? Have you lived your whole life with more traditional hinged doors and are ready for something a bit different, but just aren't sure if sliding doors are right for you and your space?

Here are three reasons why picking up some sliding door hardware and adding these functional design pieces to your place could make sense.

  • They can give you a lot more space. Many people might not think of doors as pieces of your home that take up a lot of space. But when considering how much real estate doors require in your place, remember that you not only have to think about how much physical area they need when sitting open, but also the arc required to open and close the door. This can come in handy if some of your rooms are smaller, and you want those extra CMs for a bigger bed or bed frame or other piece of furniture.
  • They can change up the whole look of your place. There are plenty of different styles of sliding door hardware and sliding doors for you to choose from, each of which can add a new element to the different parts of your home. Even just refreshing your doors with some new hinges or handles can transform your bedroom, kitchen, or other common areas. Or you can make a real switch, swapping out your entryways for barn door hardware that bring a stylish, rustic look to your home.
  • They can open things up. Not only can sliding door hardware and sliding doors save on space, but they can also help you get the most out of your home. Opening up the various doorways can help you find your flow, leading to a more open plan living space that can help your family and friends feel more connected.

What is another name for sliding doors?

Oftentimes when people are talking about interior design elements, they will refer to sliding doors as barn doors. These are generally a type of sliding door that have a few key characteristics. One is that the doors will have a timber finish, generally a shade of brown. Other key aspects come from the sliding door hardware that accompanies these beautiful doors. Often the sliding door hardware components will be a darker-coloured steel, either black or dark grey. These provide a lovely rustic look to your home.

What are examples of sliding door hardware I can buy online?

eBay is home to a range of sliding door hardware, including:

  • Sliding door tracks are the route your door takes when you pull it open and closed. These are long pieces that often look like rods or bars and sit above the door itself.
  • Sliding door wheels are what glide along the tracks for a smoother opening and closing experience.
  • Pulls and handles. Just like door knobs for traditional doors, the pulls or handles you put on your sliding doors will play a huge role in how they look and operate.

Looking for everything you need in one place? You can buy complete sliding door hardware kits that come with many of the above pieces, giving you the equipment, you need to change the look of your space.

One of the best features of sliding doors is that they are a wonderful marriage of form and function. By keeping so many of the components visible, you can add some interesting new design features to the various rooms of your home. And since they are going to be out in the open for the world to see, you want to make sure they look good. Find quality sliding door hardware for your home online every day on eBay.