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SLIK Tripods

Tripods are essential for ensuring camera stability, particular for long-range photography and long exposures. SLIK produces a range of products designed to take the shake-induced blur out of your pictures.


SLIK was first founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1956 under the name SLICK Elevator Tripod Co. The company’s award-winning designs have inspired competitors around the world to the point that the brand calls itself ‘the most copied line of tripods today’. Today, the company sells a range of full-size and compact camera tripods and monopods as well as tripod accessories.

SLIK Tripod Designs

SLIK manufactures a wide range of tripods aimed at the amateur and professional markets. Their flagship products are their Pro Series and Carbon Series tripods, both of which are designed for professional use and particularly for long zoom and telephoto lenses. The Carbon Series tripods feature carbon fibre upper leg sections. Depending on the model, some SLIK tripods come with a head while others are designed to have a separate head attached. As well as their professional tripods, SLIK also manufactures the lightweight Sprint series for digital photography, the entry-level U Series and F Series and a selection of tripods designed specifically for videography.

Tripod Components

As well as complete tripods, SLIK also produces and sells separate tripod legs and heads. Their tripod heads include both pan head and ball designs. Ball heads use a ball and socket connection to attach the tripod to the camera and can typically be locked into place using a screw. This allows greater freedom of movement and increased adjustment speed, but can be less stable. Pan heads provide a stable platform for the camera to sit on, which makes it more precise. They are also typically stronger, perfect for heavy cameras. However, pan heads can be slower to operate. SLIK’s separate tripod legs come in many different sizes and three different materials. Heavy metal legs provide unrivaled strength for supporting the largest cameras, while carbon fibre legs are strong but lightweight. The third option is AMT, an alloy of aluminium, magnesium and titanium. According to SLIK, this alloy increases strength-to-weight ratio by 40 per cent over regular aluminium legs.


SLIK camera monopods are a great option for photographers who want extra stability without the weight and setup time of a tripod. They are also quicker to deploy, so you can start shooting the action sooner. The company makes a range of monopod designs, ranging from professional carbon fibre models to the basic Monopod 350 which weighs just 350 grams.

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