Slot Car Tracks

Navigate your motor monster across the slot tracks with heart-pumping skill as you race to the finish line. Mull over slot car tracks from both unbranded and branded selections to come up with the tracks that most reflect your wishes. For instance, serious racers will appreciate the detailing that goes into Scalextric slot car tracks, while junior racers take to Carrera slot car tracks like ducks to water.

Slot Car Track Types

Whether you wish to lengthen your track with straight tracks, add curves and obstacles or replace damaged portions, it's easy to create the slot car track of your dreams with the different types of tracks available. On your digital track, share or change lanes effortlessly with crossover slot car tracks, or give your track more twists and turns with curved slot car tracks and obstacles for a more challenging race.

Slot Car Track Scale

Having the most common scale, 1:32 scale slot car tracks are compatible with most cars and tracks, so they snap and plug together with ease. The versatile and space-efficient 1:32 scale is also highly suitable for both home use and racing clubs because they are not too big in size. The smallest scale tracks for cars is 1:64, and they are easy on your pocket.

The Thrills of Slot Car Racing

Promising hours of excitement for the entire family, budget-friendly slot car racing is easy to set up and gives whoever reaches the finish line a great sense of achievement. In addition to improving hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity, the competitive and face-to-face nature of the game makes for thrilling race times, whether the tracks are set on a table in your game room or spread across the entire garage floor.