Complete your set with eBay’s range of Slot Cars and Accessories

Whether you have little kids or big kids who like to pretend they are still little kids, slot cars can offer hours of fun and entertainment for all the family. eBay is home to a huge range of slot cars and accessories, making it easy for fans of slots cars to find everything from slot cars to slot car tracks, with all the big name brands in attendance, including TYCO, Mattel, Hot Wheels and Scalextric.  

As the name suggests, slot cars are battery-powered toy cars that slot into a track designed for racing. As tracks can be built up in a range of formations, they can either be easy to race on, or not so easy. Players place their cars on the track to then race against one another, trying not to let their cars run out of control and jump off the track. Various additional extras can be added to the track, such as lights and noise machines, making racing all the more fun. 

If you’re new to slot car racing, you will need a few things to get started. Obviously, you can buy slot cars and slot car tracks individually, or alternatively, you could choose to buy a slot car set. These sets are great for newbies, as they provide everything needed to get right into racing. As you get more into slot cars as a hobby, you may choose to invest in individual pieces. These may include special track additions or replicas of famous race cars. 

Slot car accessories can also be a popular investment for slot car racers. Accessories for slot car racing can include controllers and motors, and handy lap counters. These accessories can offer an excellent option for slot car fans who want to customise their kit with more detail. Making the track more lifelike, accessories can include tyre walls, race towers and stickers.