Slow Cookers

Food Steamers

Like a blender or food processor, food steamers have become a staple of many modern kitchens. More often than not, we use food steamers to cook raw vegetables. They seal the food in a, wherein steam heat gently cooks the contents to perfection. All heat stays in the vessel, making it an ideal cooking method for hot climates where using an oven would result in an unbearably hot kitchen.

Health Benefits

Many widely consider steaming food to be a healthier alternative to frying or baking food. This is because food steamers contain nutrients in the reservoir, including those that you might typically lose to cooking oil. Cooking oil also adds fat and calories to food. With steaming, nutrients deposit into the steam, which then becomes nutrient-rich water. This water is beneficial to consume, but you can also use this to create sauces and aiolis.


While some food steamers have just one setting and a timer, others have settings that are specific to cooking a wide variety of food, including rice, fish, white meat, vegetables, and even cakes. Food steamers can take as little as 30 seconds to produce steam, making them a good option for quick cooking.

Multi-Functions and Types

Many food steamers are multi-functional, which means that they allow for multiple foods to cook. An example of this is a combination rice cooker and vegetable steamer. They both use the same method of cooking. Similarly, many food steamers have multiple tiers, allowing for a greater amount of food to steam at once. On top of that, there are also single-function food steamers for certain types of food. For example, if you don't maneuver around boiling water with great ease, consider using an egg cooker food steamer to help you poach your eggs just in time for brunch.


Sunbeam and Tefal are two of several brands that manufacture Food Steamers. Others include Breville, George Foreman, and Russell Hobbs, all of them recognisable names in quality appliances. Additionally, unbranded food steamers offer a number of the same functions at a fraction of the price.