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Ready, set, cook with small kitchen appliances

Today’s super-busy lifestyles are, thankfully, paired with a huge range of devices built to make our day-to-day a bit easier. And one of the best places to save time and effort in a busy life is the kitchen. Whether you’re a keen baker, preserver, or just like to whip up healthy meals for the family, you can find appliances that can help make life easier and food taste even better. eBay's range of thousands of small kitchen appliances can you strengthen your skills in the kitchen and make food prep that much easier.

Countertop mixers

From kneading bread dough to beating egg whites for pavlova, countertop mixers are solid helpers in the kitchen, taking some of the work out of mixing and stirring all sorts of batters and doughs. You’ll typically find that a mixer comes with a bowl and a few different stirring attachments. These different attachments come in handy depending on what you're whipping up. A number of specialty dishes, bread dough in particular, really do work best with a mixing attachment that’s specifically designed for them. If your bench space is limited and you’re not sure whether a large dedicated mixer is right for you, there are a few alternatives. Consider a stick mixer or a heat-and-stir style appliance instead.

Soda makers

These little beauties were popular in the 80s, and they’ve made a comeback recently. They have a few benefits. One is you end up using a lot less plastic, since you reuse bottles rather than buying new ones. They usually work out cheaper per litre than buying premade drinks, and you can mix and match syrups to concoct your own soft drinks. Whilst soda makers used to be quite limited in flavour options, these days you can pick up a huge range, including sugar-free syrups, kombuchas and iced teas.

Slow cookers

Another time-saving device that’s high on our must-have lists is the slow cooker. These nifty machines save you time hanging over a hot stove by slowly cooking casseroles, soups, and a host of other warming dinners. Just set them and forget them until it's time to tuck in!

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