Should I use a blender, mixer, juicer or food processor?

Blenders, juicers, mixers and food processors are similar kitchen appliances that do slightly different jobs.

A blender uses liquid to do its job. Blenders are often used to make smoothies, milk shakes and other drinks. Blenders don’t do any filtering, so all parts of ingredients are blended together.

A mixer is a hand tool used to mix ingredients when baking. Mixers usually have one or two mixing paddles or rounded metal shapes called beaters. Mixers don’t completely liquefy materials like blenders do.

A juicer separates the juice of a fruit or vegetable from the solid parts, though sometimes small amounts of pulp do get into the liquid. Juicers don’t have any other functions outside of making fruit and vegetable juice.A food processor has multiple attachments for preparing different types of ingredients. A food processor can chop, mix and puree and is a great all-in-one benchtop gadget.No matter which tool you need, eBay’s large range of blenders, juicers, mixers and food processors can help you prepare your next dish or drink.