Smart Watch Chargers & Docking Stations for Apple

Smart Watch Chargers and Docking Stations for Apple

When you own a high tech device like the Apple Watch, you need to keep it charged so you can make the best use of it on the go. Combining the best of practicality and design, smart watch chargers and docks look good while powering your device. Depending on the design, simply lay, perch or hang your watch on the dock, then connect the cord from the charger to a computer, power bank, or wall socket. Keep in mind some chargers and docks may have a cord built in, but those without one may not come with the necessary charging cable, so you may have to purchase it separately.


Chargers and docking stations for the Apple Watch come in a variety of designs. A minimalist circular pad that you simply place the watch on may suit some, while a charging stand that you hang the watch on may suit others. Some even feature a stand to charge your Apple phone alongside your smart watch for versatility and space saving. Less cords means less hassle after all.

Screen Protectors

While chargers and docking stations are essential for any Apple Watch owner, just as important are smart watch screen protectors to protect from impacts while on your wrist and impacts from falls. Some come in the form of razor thin, clear coatings that help stop scratches from marring your beautiful watch face. Look for ones with anti-glare so you have a better view of the display under various lighting conditions. On the other hand, some come in the form of small cases to fit your Apple Watch perfectly and provide the best of impact and scratch protection.


Another important aspect of Apple Watch ownership is comfort, and the best way to ensure a comfortable fit is with a high quality smart watch band. Available in a wide variety of colours, Apple wristbands are made of fluoroelastomer material, which is both strong and durable, but also very smooth and comfortable on the skin. Some feature a perforated design for added breathability. All options for the Apple Watch come in varying sizes to fit a variety of wrists.