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Creative Freshness With Smashbox

Smashbox Cosmetics was created by Dean and Davis Factor - the great-grandsons of makeup icon Max Factor. This cosmetics brand was launched in 1996 and brings you products that stay intact in the toughest of conditions. You can literally smash them. Travelling, throwing them in your handbag, or shoving them in a drawer is no problem!

Smashbox is also a slang name for a box-style camera that was introduced early in the 1900s, which coincides with the brand's purpose - allowing you to be super photogenic!

Smashbox are Creatives

The new studio Smash Box Studies gives beauty and creativity a home in LA. The studio is a hub for world-class artists including photographers, models, musicians and actors. The brand gives you high impact, camera-ready colour. Their makeup is designed to stand up to long days, hot lights, and real-life - you will look good from every angle, in every light, and in each photo.

Photo Finish Foundation Primer

This is the signature product of Smashbox which came along in 2000. This ever-popular product gives you a smooth, fresh look and makes your makeup long-lasting. Primer is a definite must for your makeup bag for day and evening.

Popular Smashbox Products

The brand is well known for its high performing face primers.

Smashbox produces not only the amazing primers that they are famous for, but fabulous products for lips, eyes and brows, blush, contour and highlighter products, foundations, BB & CC creams, and fabulous concealers. The products are sought after because they get you photo-ready. Some of the most popular are:

  • Photo finish foundation primer
  • The Be Legendary Lipstick
  • Step by Step contour kit
  • Always Sharp waterproof kohl liner
  • Studio Skin 15-hour wear hydrating foundation

You get great coverage that lasts! And these products are surprisingly easy on your wallet too.

Eye Makeup

There are a range of great products for eyes including jet black waterproof mascaras, shadow primers, gel and kohl liners, eyeshadow pallets and more. Buy your eye makeup products on eBay today and save!


Smashbox have a range of fab liquid lipsticks that see that you are always photo-ready. Their range includes "Always On" shades, as well as "Be Legendary”. Whatever your taste in lip products, there is a range to choose from.

Does Smashbox Have a Vegan Range?

Smashbox have many products that are suitable for vegans. The Smashbox vegan product list includes:

  • Always On liquid liner
  • Always Sharp clear lip liner
  • 24-hour Photo Finish shadow primer
  • Brow Tech to Go
  • Camera-ready BB creams eyes concealer and foundations with SPF protection
  • Full Exposure mascara
  • Gloss Angeles Extra shine lip gloss
  • It's a Wrap waterproof makeup remover

And many more!

No Animal Testing

Estee Lauder acquired the Smashbox brand in 2010. Although Estee Lauder is still testing on animals when required to do so by law, Smashbox remains committed to not testing their products or ingredients on animals.

Being born out of a real photo studio and growing up with beauty, creating gorgeous looks is what Smashbox does best. It is all about allowing you to show your most assertive, beautiful self. Whether you have few photos taken of yourself, are a model or actor, or are a selfie queen, this brand will keep you looking your best around the clock.