Smoking Cessation

People decide to quit smoking to improve their health and to be free from nicotine addiction. Aside from avoiding smoking triggers and staying busy, you can use smoking cessation products to reach your goal to quit the habit, once and for all. Both traditional and alternative treatments are available as aids to support your quit plan. As you know, smoking can contribute to lung disease, heart disease and other diseases. Therefore, most smokers are eager to stop smoking as soon as possible.

Smoking Cessation Gum and Lozenges

Gum and lozenges for smoking cessation are a simple solution to curb your desire to smoke. They are available in mint, cinnamon and other flavours that contain a small amount of nicotine. The nicotine replacement therapy includes a minimum of 2 mg of nicotine to help stop your craving to light up. Moreover, the gum and lozenges ease withdrawal symptoms so quitting is not as stressful. Most containers include at least 100 pieces of the non-smoking aid.

Smoking Cessation Patches

Another helpful aid is smoking cessation patches that contain a 24-hour dose of nicotine. As you crave smoking less, you can decrease how often you use a patch until you no longer want to smoke. Furthermore, manufacturers normally package the patches in three different strengths to help you wean yourself from nicotine. Most people apply the aid first thing in the morning to the arm, hip or shoulder blade when the sensation to smoke is usually the strongest.

Other Smoking Cessation Products

You can purchase other smoking cessation products such as an ear bio-magnet. The magnet releases endorphins into the brain to give you the same sensation as actually smoking, eventually decreasing your desire to smoke altogether. Likewise, some people have success using cigarette filters by placing the cigarette into the filter to remove 90 per cent of tar and nicotine as they smoke.