Snake Handling Reptile Supplies

Snake Handling Reptile Supplies

With all the snakes in Australia, its no surprise that snake handling gear is among the most popular reptile supplies. Yes, its nice to have a heat mat in your terrarium, but its even better to have a set of tongs to deal with any snakes that may show up on your patio. Any herper knows the value of a good snake handling kit.

Hooks and Tongs

Two of the most important tools in your snake handling bag are your tongs and hook. While you can move a snake with just a set of tongs, you are better off with both. You can immobilize the head with the tongs, and especially with larger snakes, use the hook to support much of the animals weight. Always look for tongs with large jaws as they provide a more even pressure, which is less likely to injure the snake.

Collapsible Hooks

When light weight is your goal, your first choice is going to be aluminium snake handling reptile supplies, such as collapsible hooks. These tools are very handy because once you collapse them, they are very easy to carry. The only thing to remember is that collapsible hooks should not be used to pin a snake while you bring up the tongs, as you dont want to apply too much force to the mechanism.

Snake Handling Kits

A full snake handling kit includes more than just a hook or set of tongs. You should also get an equipment bag to carry everything, as well as at least one hoop and bag for transporting snakes after you pick them up. Gloves are also a must, as are boots. The most important thing you need is a clear mind. Never approach a snake if you do not know what you are doing.

Comparing Tools

When comparing snake handling tools, two things you want to consider are weight and strength. While stainless steel snake handling reptile supplies are heavier than aluminium equipment, and steel is also stronger. Generally, you want steel or at least aircraft grade aluminium for pythons, though steel hooks on lighter handles are also common.