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Snake Supplies

Having a pet snake can be a fun and enriching experience. Many types of snakes are fairly easy to care for and their setup requirements are not too complicated. There are a number of basic supplies required to successfully keep a snake. These supplies include an enclosure, a heating element, some places for your snake to hide, and substrate for the enclosure. Acquiring these supplies is a great way to get started with your pet snake.

Snake Vivariums

Snake vivariums are the enclosures where pet snakes are typically housed. They come in a variety of different materials including glass, acrylic and plastic. Some of them feature wooden or metal frames that make them look more decorative, for those who want their vivarium to have a display quality. These vivariums come in a wide variety of sizes, so you can find one that is appropriately sized for the type of snake you want to house.

Snake Temperature Control Supplies

Most snakes require a specific temperature gradient in order to stay healthy and the exact temperatures they need vary between snake species. Snake temperature control reptile supplies can help you create an environment with the right temperatures for your pet snake. Some of the most common types of snake temperature control supplies include a heating mat and a thermostat to control the temperature.

Snake Hides and Caves

Snake hides and Snake caves reptile supplies help your snake feel more comfortable inside of their vivarium. Hides and caves are designed to provide a covered area where the snake can feel safe and covered. Most snakes also like to go into a hide or cave as they digest their food. Some of these hides and caves are designed to look like natural wood or rock while others have a less natural look.

Snake Substrate

Snake substrate is the substance that lines the bottom of the vivarium. Substrate needs to be comfortable for the snake, and it needs to be free from any harmful chemicals or dusts. The most common types of substrates for snakes are paper based substrates, aspen chip substrates, and coconut husk substrates.