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Expand Your Toolbox With Snap-on Hand Tools

Snap-on manufactures and distributes heavy-duty tools for personal use and to fill needs in industries such as general transportation and automotive work. You can find a variety of Snap-on tools hosted on eBay. Understanding what items might be available and how they might suit your needs can help you find the tools that work for you.

What types of Snap-on tools are available?

The brand manufactures or develops many kinds of hand tools you can use for manual labor and various projects. Whether you need these items for personal or professional use, you can find many examples that will serve you well. Some common tool categories you can find on eBay include:

  • Wrench - Wrenches may include heavy-duty sockets or ratchets made from a single piece of stainless steel, or specialized torque wrenches with a head designed for applying a specific amount of torque to a fastener.
  • Screwdriver - eBay hosts drivers that you can purchase as single pieces to fill out your existing collection, or full sets of screwdrivers in multiple sizes that should fit most screw heads. You can see the manufacturer's site for details.
  • Pliers - Snap-on pliers can help you get a firm grip on parts you need to twist.
How do you maintain Snap-on tools?

Many of the company's hand tools use durable components and do not feature moving parts. As a result of these characteristics, it should be relatively easy for you to take care of them. In most cases, some preventative maintenance is all that is necessary.

  • Storage - It's a good idea to store these tools in a place that is free from grime, moisture, debris, or other things that could cause surface wear over time.
  • Cleaning - If your tools show signs of surface wear or you use them in conjunction with harmful elements, clean them thoroughly before storage.
Are vintage items available?

If you wish to purchase vintage Snap-on equipment, eBay hosts several items from discontinued lines in the company's past. Note that you might be able to purchase vintage or used items at lower costs compared to other tools. Vintage ratchet sets in various sizes are available on eBay, and some may include a carrying case. Screwdrivers in a complete range of sizes with stainless steel heads and vintage black handles are also usually available.