Snap-on Vehicle Diagnostic Tools


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Detect Faults Early With Snap-on Vehicle Diagnostic Tools

Snap-on diagnostic equipment is useful for different vehicle scanning requirements. There are tools to help identify issues with climate control, engine, ABS, transmission, and sensors, among other systems. Look through eBay for a range of Snap-on diagnostic tools for different vehicle makes and models.

With which vehicles are the Modis Ultra compatible?

You can use the Modis Ultra EEMS328 scanner by snapping it on to any OBDII vehicle. It means that it works with any car made after 1996. This Snap-on diagnostics solution is also compatible with a few selected models in the OBDI class, which means cars made before 1996. These options include a few late 1992 models made in Europe, late 1983 models from Asia, and late 1980 cars from America. Confirm the compatibility information with the manufacturer to see if the scanner suits your vehicle. The diagnostic tool checks and clears codes in over 40 vehicle models.

A few basics of the TPMS2-Connect

The TPMS2-Connect is software that comes with the TPMS2, a tyre pressure sensor activator from Snap-on. It comes on a CD-ROM that you have to install on a computer. Although you can replace a damaged disc, you cannot buy the software without the tool. With this program, you get the following:

  • Ability to update the software on your TPMS2 diagnostic tool.
  • View the sensor data that you have gathered using TPMS2, as well as print and store it when necessary.
  • Comprehensive information about vehicles equipped with TPMS.
Does Snap-on offer wireless scanners?

Yes. The Verus Pro is a keyless, wireless scanning tool for professional use. Besides checking and clearing codes, the system gives live data and functional tests. You can multitask on several applications on the Window OS on which the tool runs. The platform scans the code of a vehicle in one touch. A Fast-Track Guided Components Tests feature improves the functionality of the scanner. Verus Pro connects to the SureTrack platform using Wi-Fi and comes with a USB cable for data transfer. An in-built browser allows you to access other resources online.

A Look at ShopStream Connect

ShopStream Connect is a popular application from Snap-on that is used with various devices. The software is compatible with SOLUS, ETHOS, and MODIS family platforms. Therefore, you can use the application for Snap-on SOLUS Pro, MODIS Ultra, and ETHOS Deluxe, among other tools. Some of the tasks the software is responsible for include transferring, managing, and printing data collected on your Snap-on diagnostic system. It also provides support for your diagnostic platform, keeping the tool in optimal working form.