Billiard Accessories and Decor

Having an enjoyable game of pool or snooker requires the right snooker and billiard equipment ready for you to use. When planning your decor, keep practical considerations in mind including lots of storage for the small billiard accessories that help make the game run smoothly.

Cue Accessories

Your cue is vital to your game play, and therefore deserves to be treated with respect. Serious players should invest in a cue case that will protect your cue whenever it is transported. Cue cleaners (otherwise known as shaft cleaners) are used to prevent greasy build-up in between shots, and shaft sanders should be kept on hand for when your cues need a deeper clean. To protect your regular cue, a separate ‘break cue’ is used when breaking.

Cue Tip Accessories

The tip of your cue is subject to stress after every shot and they do break down. Chalk should be used to help your cue stick to the ball and keep it heading in the direction you intended. You should use it before every shot, and it is relatively inexpensive so worth buying a few at a time. Tip scuffers keep the tip of your cue rough to maximise the amount of chalk that sticks to the end, which helps prevent you from a miscue. Keep replacement cue tips available for when your tip is damaged enough to interfere with your game.


When planning your pool or snooker room, don’t forget the equipment that will need to be stored near to hand. Cues, balls, chalk and the rack will all need to be stored close to the table, preferably in an attractive setting. Cue racks are available in a range of sizes and finishes, from wall-mounted racks to stand-alone shelves that double as drink holders. Whichever you choose, don’t forget that it has to hold everything you need and be safely out of the way of players.

Useful Extras

Some functional accessories are not directly related to your game. Seating near the table allows competitors to take a break while waiting for their turn, and a small bar is practical and enjoyable addition to the room. Repair kits for the table and the cues are best to have available before you need them, rather than having to halt your game until repairs can be made.