Ensure your furry friend gets a good night sleep with Snooza, on eBay!

Is your furry family member restless or barking during the night? Do they sleep absolutely anywhere other than beds you have bought them in the past? It's not an unfamiliar story. In fact, it's a story that Snooza, found on eBay, is very familiar with. With the Original Dog Bed first created in 1989, Snooza was born. However, it wasn't until the arrival of two mini dachshunds in 1994 that things really took off. For the next few years, these dogs inspired the design and captured the heart of the team at Snooza. They strongly shaped the brand that Snooza is today by adding the personality and purpose at the heart of what they do. Before any of the beds hit the shelves, they are tested, washed and retested at home with the company's dogs. Members of the Snooza community can also have a say before products hit the shelves. Now that's customer-centric if you have ever seen it!

With just a few simple clicks, you can take home one of Snooza's delightfully comfortable dog beds for your furry family member today. Among their spectacular range of beds for dogs, you can find cushion beds and dog mats, depending on what your dog's preferences are. Your dog deserves as much of a good night sleep as you do, and Snooza helps to make sure that happens. 

Finding your dog's new bed can be hard. That's why eBay has made it easier to find one that works for you by allowing you to shop according to bed type (cushion, mat, raised bed, pillow, basket, nesting bed), material, dog size, colour, material, features, condition, price, item location and delivery options. 

Give your dog the good night's sleep it deserves with Snooza, on eBay today.