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Snuggie is the blanket with sleeves! Gone are the days of struggling to comfortably stay under the blanket while trying to use your hands. Snuggie has innovated the blanket design to allow full mobility of your arms while still snuggled up in a warm blanket. In 2009, Snuggie emerged with its unique design, taking the world by storm. Today, they are still producing their classic, original Snuggies, as well as a multitude of new designs for both adults and children in a rainbow of colours and patterns.

Plenty to choose from!

Find your perfect Snuggie from the broad range available on eBay! Snuggies come in lots of different colours including black, blue, green, grey, pink, purple, red, and white amongst many other choices! Snuggies also come in the warmest and comfiest materials including acrylic, fleece and polyester . These materials are all designed to give you the maximum comfort while still keeping you toasty warm.

Mermaid Tail Snuggies!

The latest and greatest in Snuggie design is the Mermaid Tail! Slip your legs into a cocoon of warmth in this popular evolution of the original Snuggie! Mermaid Tail Snuggies are also available for adults and children in many different colours and patterns. Children's varieties include Shark and Fish designs, too! With a velveteen exterior, this Snuggie is the perfect blanket alternative for kids.

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