Soccer Boots

Soccer Boots

Not everyone wearing soccer clothing plays the game. Moreover, the boots do not make the player, but the right soccer boots can make a difference whether you feel comfortable and ready for action or have blisters and aching feet instead. Selecting a pair of soccer cleats based on what the other players or star athletes wear is not the best way to go about it, as you might end up with an uncomfortable pair that simply hurts your feet. Learn about the different types and about the basics to pick out the best option for yourself.

Playing Style

Your playing style and the position on the field determines the kind of shoe features you need to look out for. Forwards require soccer boots that are lightweight and can help you get to explosive moments and strike powerfully. Wingers also need lightweight boots that allow them to accelerate and change direction swiftly. Centre players benefit most from football boots that can withstand 90 minutes of constant running all across the field. Defensive players require a bit more protection from their cleats, while goalkeepers need to look for cleats that provide traction and keep them stable.

Pitch Type

The field where you play matters a lot as it determines how soft or slippery the surface is and how much traction you require. The FG, or firm ground, boots fit most surfaces and are the safest bet with their rubber studs. However, it performs better on artificial grass where it does not rain regularly. Special artificial boots are also available. You should wear soft ground boots only when the surface is so soft that the studs penetrate it, as the studs on them are longer. These boots typically have replaceable studs for convenience. Indoor soccer shoes are not only for indoor matches, but also for other surfaces that are as flat and solid as floors indoors. They also double as streetwear and casual shoes, as they have no studs attached.

Upper Material

The upper material either creates a snug fit and boosts performance. Natural leather is by far the softest material, providing a unique feel on the ball. Synthetic leathers now mimic the features of natural leather while adding resistance to water. Other synthetic materials are much thinner than the leather options, so you get very lightweight boots, while mesh is even lighter.

Boot Weight

The trend for soccer boots is decreasing the weight as new technologies and advanced materials support this. The lighter the boot, the easier it is to run, but you might also consider different weight depending on your playing position. Greater weight can also kicking the ball harder and further.

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