Soccer Gloves

Besides, soccer clothing and boots, a good goalkeeper needs a quality, good-fitting pair of soccer gloves. Whether you are shopping for options for adults or junior soccer gloves, you need to consider both its size and type to be sure it's a good fit. Some models come with helpful features such as finger protection, whereas others have an enhanced grip to match the needs of semi-professional or professional players.

Types of Soccer Gloves

Match goalkeeper gloves are a good choice for adult leagues or competitive players in high school. These are the best goalie gloves out there, and they usually have maximum gripping technology and are made with high-quality latex to protect the fingers. Alternatively, look for training gloves that are a more suitable choice for beginner soccer players. Finally, weather gloves are suitable for those who only play soccer occasionally, as they only protect the hands from wind and rain.

Soccer Gloves Cuts and Fits

The cut or fit varies, so you should consider this factor depending on your play style. Traditional soccer gloves have a flat cut, which means that the palm is entirely made from a single piece of foam material to give the hand room to move inside. For a tighter fit, opt for rolled soccer gloves, which feature rolled sides of the palm that are stitched at the back of the fingers. If you have thinner hands, a negative cut would work well because the fingers are sewn from the inside for an even tighter feel.

Soccer Gloves Sizing

Buying soccer gloves in the right size is essential both for comfort and good results. To find the correct fit, use a tape measure to find out the accurate circumference of your hand, not including the fingers. You should then round up and add a two centimetres for adult goalie gloves.