Soccer Socks

When playing any sport, it is important to make sure you have all the proper equipment needed to play. For soccer, the amount of stuff needed to play is pretty minimal for there are a few key footwear items that any player should own. Soccer socks are important because they can coordinate with your team colours but they also come big enough and long enough to go over your shin pads. These socks come in an array of colours and are inexpensive, which is helpful if you play a lot; you can be sure you have a few pairs on hand. Soccer socks primarily use synthetic materials like polyester and spandex, which help with moisture management, wicking away sweat from your foot, as well as strength. They also use cotton to help provide warmth and cushioning. You will find socks made out of a blend of these materials.

Soccer Pads

Soccer shin pads are another important item to have when playing soccer for fun or competitively. These are plastic guards with a foam backing that go over the length of your front leg. They protect from the base of your ankle to an inch or two below your knee. Shin pads are available in a variety of colours that can match to many team's colours, however you won't see them as they go under your soccer socks. They help protect your legs and shins from any kicks to that area, and with soccer, it could be pretty frequent. Because of the foam layer behind the plastic shield, they absorb the shock of any blow you would receive to your leg. Some shin pads slide into the socks, while others have a foot stirrup that helps hold the pad in place.

Soccer Boots

Soccer boots are another important footwear item for playing soccer. These use a rigid and durable leather or synthetic leather that not only help to protect a player's foot but also provide support. These shoes have cleats on the soles, which help a player grip the turf of a soccer field when running. Soccer boots come primarily in black, but you can find them in many colours to coordinate with your team's colours. Most boots are lace-up and have longer tongue to protect up the ankle. Some styles of soccer boots are an actual boot that goes up the ankle. These provide more overall support to the ankle when playing.