Soccer Training Aids

Soccer rewards only those who train hard, which is why a good training kit is necessary if you want to up your game. New players may also find that investing in a couple of essentials like training bibs and agility ladders can go a long way to improving the skills essential in playing the game well. While having all the gear is ideal, you can definitely improve with a couple of must-haves ready for deployment in the backyard or in the field.

Agility Training

Agility training is important for mastering basic skills like handling and ball control. An agility ladder trains your footwork so you’re more likely to plant your feet precisely where they need to be for the perfect shot. All ladders come with a carry bag that comes handy for portability, so you can easily bring them to the field and back home.


A staple drill in soccer training is slalom training. It requires precise turning and footwork. This is why trainers use slalom poles to make the points where players need to snake their way along, and when an erring player hits the pole it sways to and fro to alert the trainer of their error.

Soccer Cones

Since poles can be cumbersome, many coaches use soccer cones to mark slalom points, but the uses of cones go beyond that. They can mark boundaries as well as goals for small five or seven-a-side games. You can also stack them for easy stowing.

Air Pump

To avoid ruining the day’s training, keep your soccer ball wel-maintained by having an air pump and needle handy. A ball deteriorates faster when underinflated, and it does not fly true as a result.