Socket Tester and Other Test Measurement

Ensure your home or office power outlets are operating safely and correctly with a socket tester, RCD tester, and other test measurement. Power sockets are the first line of contact between the power grid and consumers, making it essential that they are operating safely, particularly with young children around. Testing should be carried out on a regular basis to check for faults, with socket testers a convenient means of getting reliable and accurate information in your own home.

Socket Testers

Socket testers are portable electrical instruments that are used to test for the correct operation and wiring of power outlet sockets. Socket tester and other test measurement handheld devices can either be plugged directly into the socket using pins that are mounted on the tester or they may come with a short lead and plug. Disconnected phases and reverse phases can be identified, together with earth loop impedance on the top-of-the-range socket testers. Results are usually displayed by an array of LEDs, with some having the option to test for earth leakage.

RCD Testers

An RCD (residual current device) can be used to automatically disconnect electrical supplies when an imbalance is detected between live conductors. You can test your RCD and conduct other test measurement inspection to ensure your devices will safely operate if an electrical incident occurs. standards are in place for the maximum trip times for various RCDs, with the quicker your RCD trips, the smaller the electrical shock.

Crocodile and Alligator Clips

Crocodile and other alligator clips are designed to create a temporary electrical connection, and are named because of their serrated jaws and sprung metal clip. They can be used to connect an electrical cable to a battery or another component with a plastic "boot" to prevent accidental short circuits.

New Fault Line Features

State-of-the-art socket testers now indicate exactly where the fault is—live, earth, or neutral—together with clear indication of correct wiring and wiring fault conditions. In-built self-checks will give you peace of mind that your tester is working correctly and error-free, while bright LEDs offer easy-to-read results.