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Soda Makers

Soda makers may not have been a recent innovation but it has recently become popular among domestic users. Soda maker machines, such as the ones by SodaStream, can help encourage people to drink healthier by having some control on the ingredients in their fizzy drinks. They are also more convenient and better for the environment as you won’t have to keep buying and discarding plastic bottles whenever you would like a fizzy drink.

How Soda Makers Work

Similar to soda syphons, soda makers work by injecting carbon dioxide into a liquid, carbonating the drink. The soda maker machine draws the carbon dioxide from the canisters of pressurised carbon dioxide and bubbles the gas into the drink. Due to the high pressures faced by the drink’s container, soda makers often come with a plastic reusable bottle specifically designed to withstand constant high pressures.

How Do Use Soda Makers

You can make almost any fizzy drink with a soda maker at home. All you need to do is fill a bottle with tap water, attach it to the machine element and watch your water fizz up with the touch of a button. Once you have your bottle of sparkling water, you can leave it as is or add some flavours to make a flavoured fizzy drink. Some brands like SodaStream sell flavour syrups that you can add to your carbonated water. Another option is to make your own flavoured syrup or concentrate and add that to the carbonated water.

Soda Maker Spare Bottles and Refill Canisters

There are essentially three parts to a soda maker. Besides the main machine element that carbonates the water, you will also need the suitable bottles for holding the water to be carbonated and refill canisters of carbon dioxide when your first one runs out. These can be easily obtained and they often come in a pack of multiples so you won’t need to constantly buy carbon dioxide canisters. It is also good to have spare bottles so you can have multiple fizzy drinks at home.