Thirsty? Have a drink of your very own carbonated water in the comfort of your home. If you've ever wanted to create your own fresh, sparkling water or soft drink to enjoy whenever you choose, then you need to invest in a soda stream. Quick and easy to use, you can magically transform your tap water into sparking water or sodas with virtually no clean up required.

How to use your soda stream drink maker

The first thing you need to do is pour cold tap water into your BPA-free bottle. Then, secure the bottle to your soda maker machine. Press the carbonating button located on the top of the appliance a few times to add the fizz, and then remove the bottle. Voila - you can now enjoy your glass of sparking water.Alternatively, if you want to make your own soft drink, then you just need to add a capful of soda mix to the carbonating bottle and gently shake or roll to make a delicious glass of your favourite soda flavour. You can buy a range of soda syrup to suit your tastebuds, and best of all, they don't contain aspartame or high-fructose corn syrup, making them a healthier alternative to other soft drinks on the market.

Benefits of a soda stream drink maker

In addition to being a quick and clean way to make your own carbonated water, there are also a few other benefits. For one, you will be doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint as you'll be curbing plastic waste - you will no longer need to purchase bottles of soda water from a supermarket as the soda stream comes with reusable plastic bottles. Another benefit is that you can say goodbye to cola flavour and create carbonated beverages in just about any flavour that exists.If you're all about trying new things, then you need to buy a soda stream drink maker. Shop online on eBay today and get your hands on handheld blenders, donut makers, and other fun kitchen appliances.