Soft Close Toilet Seats

Soft-Close Toilet Seats

Toilet seats are no longer simply dull plastic covers for your toilet bowl. Toilet seats come in versatile, vibrant designs, allowing you to give a quick makeover to your bathroom. Moreover, many have additional features that add convenience, such as nightlight, self-cleansing, and quick release for easy replacement. The soft-close feature may seem rather basic compared to the fancier advancements, but it is in fact one of the best things you could choose to improve your bathroom. Learn more about the soft-close toilet seats to decide whether it would make your home a better place.

Soft-Close Toilet Seat Mechanisms

It is the springs and hinges that create a slow-close toilet seat. The special hinges make the seat descend slower, and on average, it takes about five seconds for the seat to reach the toilet bowl. Toilet seats with fittings are easy to install by yourself. More advanced mechanisms allow the seat and the rim to close separately as well. Many soft-close seats feature quick-release mechanisms that allow for easy cleaning as you can take the seat off as required. Another way to get yourself a soft-close toilet seat is purchasing a padded toilet seat that has a soft cushion on the toilet bowl. The hinges on these seats are the regular ones and the seat shuts quickly as usual, but lands on a soft surface.

Benefits of Soft-Close Toilet Seats

The obvious benefit of having a soft-close toilet seat is the reduction of noise, as no one likes the banging of a seat. With a quiet seat, it is also more likely that men remember to put it down after use. In addition to peace and quiet, these seats add some safety to your bathroom, too. Children are less likely to get their fingers trapped if the seat closes slowly.


As the soft-close feature relies on the hinge structure, the seat itself can be from various materials. The most common material for contemporary toilet seats is inarguably thermoplastic with a hard-wearing finish that is very easy to keep clean. If you want an even more durable seat, choose one from thermoset, a deluxe polymer material. Traditional and country-style bathrooms look best with wooden toilet seats that give a rustic look.


Luckily, soft-close toilet seats, like all other types of seats, are available in many colour combinations. The style of your toilet seat can either complement or contrast the bathroom's interior decor and thus choosing the right colour or pattern is vital for the overall look. If you do not want to draw too much attention to your toilet seat, you can always pick a simple white one, but if you feel like adding some colour you could choose a pink, green, or printed seat.