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Soft Surfboard

Buying your first surfboard is always an exciting experience, and is a decision that should not be entered into lightly. Your choice of first surfboard will impact on how long it takes you to master your new chosen sport. A soft surfboard is a common choice for beginners, partly because of its relatively low price, but also because soft surfboards have certain advantages that greatly help in picking up the surfing knack.

Choosing a New or Used Surfboard

When you or your child is just starting to learn to surf, the first dilemma is whether to purchase a new surfboard or a pre-owned board. A new surfboard has all the advantages that come from buying any brand-new product, but a higher price tag. A second hand surfboard could cost you as little as a third of the price of its brand-new counterpart, but the purchase carries inherent risks, especially since you don't know how it has been treated by its previous owner. Checking out brand new longboard surfboards and making price comparisons will help with the final decision.

The Benefits of Soft Surfboards

In addition to their price advantages, soft surfboards are popular choices for beginner surfers, surf schools, and even some experienced surfers. The buoyancy of the foam adds to the stability of the soft surfboard, making it much easier for beginners to master the essential surfing skills of paddling and wave catching. In addition, the greater volume of a soft surfboard assists with balance, an essential element in learning to stand. Perhaps most importantly – particularly from the point of view of parents looking to buy a surfboard for a child – a softboard decreases the risk of injury to the surfer and others in the water from the inevitable surfboard collisions.

Choosing the Length of Your Soft Surfboard

As a guide, adults are best suited to soft surfboards 8 feet in length, while a child or anyone else under 5 foot in height would be more comfortable on a 6 foot soft surfboard. As for surfboard volume, there are many helpful charts online to consult which match surfers’ height and weight to the optimum volume of board.