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Sol Sana

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Sol Sana is an Australian brand that aims to provide comfortable footwear in the very latest styles and fashions. If a shoe is trending, Sol Sana want to offer a similar style. If you’re looking for the ideal shoe to match an outfit, Sol Sana is a good choice – its selection is wide and covers all the standard styles. The brand is sold in retailers all over Australia, and of course, you can also pick up brand new and previous years’ shoes right here.

Leather Sol Sana Shoes

Sol Sana knows leather, and it makes use of a lot of different leathers in its shoes. You’ll find a lot of leather and suede leather uppers, but the brand also uses a thinner, softer leather for its inners. This is a step a lot of brands don’t bother with, but it adds to the comfort of the shoe and tends to minimise blisters and sore spots that can be caused by the friction of leather’s rough side against sensitive skin. Its soles are usually made from synthetics – to increase longevity and provide a soft, supportive base – but you’ll find that some of these are leather lined. This adds an extra touch of luxury and comfort to the shoe. Sol Sana makes leather shoes in pretty much any style you can imagine, from slides and flip flops to thigh high boots. With its focus on comfort and support, the brand doesn’t tend to produce much in the way of stiletto and other more extreme high heels; those tend to be built entirely for looks rather than health. Instead, it produces a range of heels that are attractive, work with a lot of different outfits for daytime and evening events and provide a comfortable and stable experience throughout.

Sol Sana Sandals

The humble sandal is the quintessential summer shoe. It protects your soles from the heat of concrete and melting bitumen – not to mention burning hot sand! – and gives your feet plenty of opportunity to cool off. Sal Sana produces the classic sandal styles that we love – basic walking sandals with hook and loop adjustable straps, toe thongs, ankle strap sandals, and simple slides. It provides casual and dressy options, adding rhinestones for a bit of extra bling on special occasions. While most of Sol Sana’s sandals are flats or very low heeled, the brand also produces some heeled sandals – ideal for those dressier day time events in warmer months. Team these with a maxi dress and an oversized floppy hat for a cool and stylish summer look.

Sol Sana Slides

Sol Sana make a selection of slides with leather uppers, leather inners, and rubber insoles to maximise comfort while minimising the probability of slipping. We’ve all been there – wearing slides that are super comfortable and stable for a while, until the weather heats up and our feet sweat a little and our once stable slides turn into the slippery death shoes from hell. The brand’s choice of rubber insoles adds traction, and the wide straps with leather inners improve stability so that even if things get slippery, you can stay on your feet throughout. Team these with capris or shorts for a relaxed summer look.

Sol Sana Block Heel

Our favourite thing about block heels is that they manage to look great and provide extra height while keeping stability and comfort. If you tend to struggle with kitten heels and stilettos but still want a heeled shoe that you can wear for casual, business, or formal occasions, then block heels might just be for you. The wide base allows you to spread your weight between the ball and heel of each foot, rather than balancing solely on the ball of the foot like most heels. That makes for a more comfortable wearing experience, as well as a more stable one. Sol Sana select block heeled shoes, including mules, boots, and slingbacks, in a range of colours and materials to suit all sorts of dress codes. Block heels look great with dressier trousers and knee length dresses.

Sol Sana Ankle Boots

Ankle boots make a versatile casual and dress shoe for the colder months of the year. They don’t require too much in the way of upkeep, and they won’t constrict the calves like knee high boots can do on some people. You’ll find that there are two basic types of ankle boot that Sol Sana produce: a casual boot, often with block heel and using buckles or metal studs; and a dressier boots, often with a kitten heel, patent leather, and occasionally crystal or sequin detailing. Ankle boots tend to look best with full length trousers and long skirts; team the casual styles with jeans or a maxi dress, and pair the dressier styles with satin or silk trousers and silk business socks.

What to buy with your new shoes

If your new Sol Sana shoes are leather, pick up some leather polish that matches the shoes’ colour. If you can’t find one – and this can be difficult with some of the brighter options – look for clear leather polish instead. This can be used on any dyed leather to protect and get it looking its absolute best. Stockings are another item that a lot of people forget to pick up, and it’s handy to grab them now while you’re familiar with the conformation of the shoe. You can find all sorts of stockings on eBay. Some popular options are knee highs, for use with trousers, and peep toe stockings, where the leg and most of the foot is covered, but the toes are left bare. These work well with peep toe pumps and some sandals, as well. If your shoes are quite plain, you can dress up the final outfit by adding a pair of lace stockings – black or brown tend to look best.