Solar Camping & Hiking Lanterns

Solar Camping and Hiking Lanterns

Light up your campsite or hiking trail at night with a solar-powered lantern in hand. Not only do solar camping and hiking lanterns provide illumination for your activities, but they also enhance your safety and prevent injury to yourself and damage to your camping or hiking equipment. Choose a lantern that meets your camping needs from a collection of both unbranded solar camping and hiking lanterns as well as those by brands such as OZtrail, Suaoki and LuminAID.

Advantages of Solar Camping and Hiking Lanterns

With the sun beaming for over 200 days a year in most Straya cities, take advantage of this free inexhaustible source to recharge your solar camping and hiking lantern during the day. A darling of green energy devotees, solar energy is a renewable and eco-friendly resource that does not harm the environment and is available everywhere on Earth. Since solar camping and hiking lanterns are rechargeable, your camping and hiking backpack or bag is lighter in weight, as you dont need to lug around replacement batteries or charging cables as with lanterns that use other types of energy.

Solar Camping and Hiking Lantern Features

Look for a solidly built solar lantern that can stand up to the demanding outdoor environment as well as bumps, knocks and dirt. A collapsible lantern folds into a compact form for storage if you dont have the space for it, while an automatic illumination feature takes the task off your hands when dusk falls. Chew over lanterns that provide good illumination and charge quickly so that you have it ready when the sun sets.