Solar Electric Fence

Whether you live in the suburbs or on a large farm in the country, keeping your animals safe and enclosed can be a tough task. Solar electric fences could be the perfect solution. Originally designed for large farms or remote properties that can’t connect the the power grid, electric fences are used by farmers and environmentally conscious city dwellers alike.

How much voltage?

When buying your solar electric fence, you must ensure that you buy the right voltage for the animals or livestock that you are trying to keep contained. Bigger animals such as cows and horses have thicker hides and will need a fence that emits a higher voltage shock to be effective. For larger livestock 2,000 - 4,000 voltage output should be sufficient. Smaller animals and domestic pets will need much less. Keep in mind, that your electric fence will also help to keep predatory animals out of your fields – so take these animals into account.

Once you’ve selected voltage, measure the area you want to enclose and make sure it matches with the sellers recommended fence length and can be secured your fence posts. You want to ensure that you have adequate voltage the entire way around your enclosure. It’s better to buy a larger electric fence, than a smaller one.

Reliability in winter

If you’re concerned about reliability during winter when the sun is at it’s weakest, you shouldnt be! Most solar electric fences are efficient when it comes to keeping both the battery and the fence fully charged. Some solar panel systems will keep the fence charged for eight weeks even if the actual solar panel receives no sunlight. You must check with the seller or the manufacturer in regards to the power storage abilities of each unit. You are able to buy small solar energiser kits and electric fence chargers that are a great option for temporary fencing solutions.

Keep your animals safe with a solar electric fence, browse new and used fences on eBay today.