Solar Heating Cover Pool Covers, Rollers & Reels

Solar Heating Pool Covers and Rollers

Pool covers and rollers are an excellent option for keeping your pool warm and free of debris. By harnessing the energy of the sun, pool covers can raise the temperature of your pool by as much as 4 degrees.


Pool covers make sense for many reasons, as they make it easier to look after your pool and help to maintain a comfortable swimming temperature. Pool covers prevent leaves and debris from entering your pool, instead it will be trapped on the surface so you can quickly and easily scoop it out. Pool covers also reduce evaporation, which helps you to save water. Chemical consumption will also be reduced since chlorine can evaporate at an alarming rate, especially in the hot summer sun. A pool cover will prevent this from occurring.


The most common type of pool equipment designed to harness solar energy are bubble blankets. These solar blankets look like bubble wrap, with thousands of bubbles occupying the surface area. They are made from a translucent material which allows the sun rays to pass through and warm the pool. Thermal blankets are another popular alternative, which instead of bubbles uses different layers of material to help retain heat. These covers have a flat surface.


While solar heating pool cover rollers are not necessary to install a pool cover, they are very practical. These often need to be purchased separately to the pool cover, so make sure you purchase the right size for your cover. Rollers make it easy for a single person to pack away the pool cover at a moments notice, and it is just as easy to roll out again. A roller will also reduce the impact of wear and tear on your pool cover, extending the expected lifespan. Some rollers are adjustable and have wheels for increased mobility.


When shopping for pool equipment such as pool covers, you should pay attention to the micron number. This refers to the thickness of the pool cover, with higher numbers correlating to a thicker cover. Most covers are 400 micron, which is is very effective and durable. 500 micron is slightly more expensive and offers slightly better heat retention and durability.