Solar LED Outdoor Lighting

Solar LED Outdoor Lighting

As environmental concerns along with the cost of electricity rises, solar powered lighting is becoming increasingly popular. Specifically the use of solar LED lighting in the outdoors, as exterior lighting throughout your property is much more accessible and easy to install.

What Types of Solar LED Outdoor Lighting are There?

  • Light fixtures. Many exterior light fixtures are now available as solar powered. These fixtures can sit around your house as traditional sconces or serve as lighting for areas such as your deck or patio.
  • String Lights. A fun way to light up any outdoor space, solar string lights (solar garden lights) come in a variety of styles and can string up in trees or outside living spaces to create a special ambiance.
  • Landscape and walkway lighting. One of the more common types of outdoor solar lights, solar walkway and path lights are staked lights that come in sets that you can place along the walkways of your house to help illuminate where you are walking.
  • Lanterns. Solar lanterns are a great way to lighten up any outdoor space and can easily go on any flat surface and moved around when needed. They also come in a variety of styles.
  • Security and Floodlights. These lights are sometimes motion sensored but help illuminate areas that need better lighting to deter unwanted activity.

What are the Uses for Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting?

  • Low voltage. Solar powered lighting utilises very low voltage, which is great for installation and usage.
  • Green. If you're looking to go green, solar powered lighting is a great and easy option because there are so many varieties of lighting available to outfit any home.
  • Durable. Solar powered lighting is durable and can withstand several years of usage.

What are the Benefits for Solar Powered LED Lighting?

  • Inexpensive lighting. Because you are using the sun's solar power to generate the light these fixtures use, you aren't racking up a huge electricity bill, which saves you money when keeping the lights on for an extended period of time.
  • Environmentally friendly. Solar powered LED lighting is often times much cheaper than regular lighting that plugs into your electrical panel. Because they harness the sun's power, these light fixtures can run on solar energy for extended periods of time.
  • More mainstream. With an increase in their popularity, you can find almost any style of solar LED light fixture you want.