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Solar Outdoor Floodlights and Spotlights

Solar outdoor lighting is a great way to keep your patio or garden illuminated at night, particularly if you live in a sunny area. With great green credentials and free electricity, making the switch to solar can be easy on your conscience and your wallet.

What Is Solar Outdoor Lighting?

Once, the idea of solar powered lighting would have been a joke. Now thanks to advances in photovoltaics panels, energy-efficient bulbs and battery technology, solar lights are a very viable option for outdoor lighting. Solar lights use photovoltaic solar panels typically made from a layer of crystalline silicon and a positively charged chemical layer to generate electricity from sunlight during the day. That electricity is stored in a battery and used to power the light during the hours of darkness. Often, outdoor solar lights use a photoresistor circuit to switch on automatically when it gets dark.

Solar Lighting Advantages

The obvious advantage of solar outdoor lights is that they do not need to be plugged in. Unlike mains power, solar energy is clean, renewable and free. So long as the panel is positioned so as to get enough exposure to sunlight, you can enjoy all of the benefits of regular electrical garden lighting with none of the ongoing expense. Freeing outdoor lighting from the need for electrical connection also makes it far easier to position it wherever you want. This is especially useful for large gardens. It also means that they will keep going through power cuts.

Types of Outdoor Solar Lighting

Solar floodlights are designed to provide illumination over a wide area. These floodlights are often classified both in terms of their power and how long a period of lighting they can provide. Dusk to dawn solar floodlights can store enough power to get through the night and automatically turn on when it starts to get dark but the increased battery size required to do this makes them larger and more expensive. Other solar floodlights can be switched on and off by remote control, giving you illumination when you need it. Solar security lights do not provide the same constant illumination. Instead, they are fitted with motion sensors and designed to activate when something moves nearby. This can help to deter intruders and it is also very useful to have instant lighting when arriving home in the dark. They also make an excellent complement to security cameras.

Hybrid Solar Lighting

Outdoor solar lighting has a lot of advantages but also some drawbacks. If there isn’t enough sunlight to recharge the battery, the light may not last for long or may not turn on at all. Some solar powered lights can be equipped with regular batteries for backup, while others can also be plugged into the mains or a USB port.

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