Other Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar outdoor lighting is on the job at night while you're sleeping or away from your home or office. Since no wiring is required, you can install each eco-friendly unit in about 15 seconds, including adjusting the frames and sensors to your liking. Furthermore, you'll realise a cost savings using free power collected by solar cells on a sunny day, stored in a battery and discharged through a light bulb at nightfall. On average, a fully charged solar battery can provide 8 to 10 hours of lighting. Likewise, you'll find several types of solar lights to place in your garden, around the patio or any location unobstructed from the sun's rays. Solar lighting is available with features to keep you safe, whether you're walking outside or decide to illuminate structures to ward off intruders.

What features should you consider?

Waterproof lights made from stainless steel and other materials, such as ABS plastic and aluminium, won't rust when it's raining, snowing or sleeting. To preserve electricity, use motion-activated units that have solar sensor detectors that turn on LEDs and other kinds of bulbs once they detect movement within a 6 to 12 metre range. Most solar lights operate in selectable modes, such as on, off and automatic. Moreover, with some lights, you can adjust the brightness level from dim to blinding. Another way to have more control is by choosing energy-efficient lighting that have a delay timer with settings for seconds or minutes.

What types of solar outdoor lighting are available?

Dusk-to-dawn outdoor solar lights absorb sunlight during the day and can be positioned at your home and garage entrance doors. Recess the lights into the ground to shine on a pathway, fence line or work entrance. Use solar outdoor floodlights to spotlight an architectural or landscape feature or provide illumination in addition to exterior lights at entrances. Additionally, solar lights fit on top of posts that surround a pool, or use outdoor lights designed to hang on trees and fences. Install a wall-mounted solar light on a shed or a birdhouse post. To decorate for Christmas, use solar-powered lighting available in rope form as well as colour changing and projector lights to celebrate the festive occasion.