Solar Outdoor Lighting

Nobody likes stepping outdoors into darkness, but most people like digging trenches from the mains even less. Solar powered outdoor lights are the perfect solution for the majority of your outdoor lighting needs. The Australian climate provides plenty of sunlight to drive them, and they don't add to your electricity bill. All you have to do is find a place to put them.

Solar Garden Lights

During the heat of summer, it's always nice to be able to enjoy your garden at night. Solar garden lights can do a beautiful job of both illuminating pathways and showing off your landscaping. They make superb decorative accents as well as keeping you from tripping up on the way to your car.

Solar Security Lights

The biggest advantage of solar security lights is that they are self-powered. You don't need to plug them into the mains so you don't have to worry about a power point when figuring out where to place them. You can put them where you need them, not where you have power. You can set up lights that last all night, or lights that come on when someone wanders into range.

Outdoor Lighting

Whenever possible, choose solar LED outdoor lighting solutions over other options. LED lights are both physically more robust than other lights but also more energy efficient. Even the best solar installation offers less power than the mains so it's always advantageous to choose the most efficient light source you can.

Installing Solar Lighting

Start by placing your lights where you want them, being sure to angle the solar panel so it gets as much direct sunlight as possible. Whenever possible test it first before deciding on a permanent location for your light. You may want to adjust the angle before placing it permanently, or you may need to move overhanging branches so they don't block the Sun. Once installed, all you have to do is enjoy.