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Solar Panels

One of the recent breakthroughs in technology is the improved efficiency of solar panels and their increasing availability. These devices work via an arrangement of photovoltaic solar cells which are typically packaged and assembled into a unit composed of 6-by-10 cells. The cells generate DC output which usually range from 100 to 365 Watts. If you’re on a quest to completely get off the grid or at least save some money, then invest in multiple solar panels to power your home.

Flexible Solar Panels

Recent developments in solar cell technology has resulted in the curved or flexible solar panel. The ultra-thin silicon wafers allow the entire panel to flex like a pair of thongs. Since these panels are significantly thinner than traditional solar panels, they are ideal for many types of projects. For instance, if your roof cannot bear too much weight for whatever reason, you can use these as alternatives. Curved carports roofs are also ideal mounting areas for these flexible panels.

Portable Solar Panels

If you want a more practically utilitarian solar panel, purchase from the many available portable solar panel chargers in the market. These range from small, power-bank-like devices to larger, foldable variants that can charge multiple devices at once. There are also rigidly designed portable solar panel power banks with sturdy rubber housings making them a must-have for camping trips and outdoor excursions. Bigger portable panels use a bifold system which fold together inward for easy transportation. These are good for when you need more power than a small portable solar charger can provide.

Solar Panel Kits

Solar panel kits are great if you want a one-stop-shop deal. These kits usually include essentials like charge regulators, cables and connectors, making them ideal for installation in caravans and RVs. Just wait for your kit in the mail and then finish the installation within a weekend. Many kits include inverters to convert the DC output of the panels in AC for use with appliances.