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 What if there was a way that you could harness the sun’s infinite energy into useable hot water, air, or electricity for your home, caravan, garden or boat? And what if that power could significantly reduce your utility bills? Well, there’s a way to do it and it’s by using solar panels.  

How do solar panels work? 

 Solar panels work by capturing sunlight during the day and converting it into Direct Current (DC). An inverter obtains the direct current from the panels and converts it into Alternate Current (AC). This is the electricity you use in your home. When you don’t need it, a battery storage system contains the excess energy and accumulates it for later use.   

How many solar panels do I need for my home?

  The number of solar panels you’ll need to power your home will depend on what you want to power, and the number of people living under your roof. Generally speaking, for 1-2 people, an ideal system would be 1.5kW. For a medium-sized home with 2-3 people, a 3kW system would suffice. For a larger home with 4+ people, a 5kW system is recommended.

  What can solar panels power?  

 You can use solar panels on your caravan, property or boat, and depending on the size of the solar panel and installation location, they can power a number of things. Solar panels can provide energy for fridges, halogen lights, multiple televisions, standby appliances, washing machines, dishwashers, clothes dryers, computers, air conditioners and even your pool pump.  

Benefits of solar panels 

 Solar energy is sustainable and renewable, which means it will never run out. You will also see a decrease in electricity bills and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Not only will you help the environment, but you are helping your hip pocket. Best of all, home solar panels are low maintenance.  When you’re ready for Solar panels in your home, shop online on eBay for quality solar energy supplies.  

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