Solar Regulators

Solar Regulators Keep Your Solar Working

A solar regulator, also known as a charge controller, is used with either a stand-alone off-grid system or a grid-connected solar power system with a backup battery bank. It is a small box that sits between a solar panel and a battery and its purpose is to control the amount of charge that passes from the solar panel into the deep cycle battery bank, preventing the batteries from becoming overcharged.

This is important because overcharging causes gassing and electrolyte loss, resulting in battery deterioration. Fortunately, eBay has all the top brands available, so it makes it easy to find one to suit your solar system.

How to choose a solar regulator

To get the right system, you need to check the amp ratings of your solar panels. Add these up to get the minimum size charge controller you'll need. You’ll also need to consider the rating provided by the regulator – as this will help determine whether it will work efficiently into the future as well (and if you opt for a larger size regulator, it’ll also work if you upgrade and increase your solar panels).

Common features include:

  • Easy-to-use LCD display screen
  • Keep track of your solar panel power conversion, power storage, and solar power usage
  • Customise the controller to your preferences
  • Monitor solar system in real time with the touch keypad
  • Temperature sensor that detects the temperature around the control unit in real time
  • Intelligent Charging Mode allows you to charge your phone in
  • Adjustable control parameters for charging and discharging
  • Short-circuit and overload protection
  • Protection against reversed discharge of the battery
  • Back discharging battery protection
  • Low-voltage battery protection

If you’re shopping on eBay for solar regulators, check out the full range available on the page above. You can search through the Best Selling items to see what’s popular, or put in your filters to find something suitable. Check the prices, descriptions and get in touch with the seller if you have any concerns.