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Soldering and Desoldering Equipment

If you've ever wanted to repair or modify a circuit board – for example, to replace the battery in some generations of iPhones, which are soldered to the circuit board rather than attached with connectors – you will need soldering and desoldering equipment. Soldering and desoldering equipment refers to items used to melt a metal alloy known as solder.

Open the World of Electronics Repair with Basic Soldering Skills

The number of electronic items people use continues to grow, and it can prove useful to have at least some knowledge of how these electronic devices are constructed, how they work and – perhaps most importantly – how they can be repaired. Learning basic soldering skills will open the world of electronics to you. To achieve this, kit yourself out with some basic soldering and desoldering equipment.

Types of Soldering and Desoldering Equipment

In addition to general soldering tools used to melt the alloy known as “solder”, other equipment may be needed, which will vary depending on the type of task you are looking to undertake. Solder - typically in the form of a copper wire - is an essential component in any soldering task. In addition, you may need flux or flux removal, which are liquids or pastes used to clean or remove solder materials. When you need to desolder, desoldering braid will prove useful, as it helps to remove unwanted solder by absorbing it after being heated. Other soldering, desoldering and rework accessories, such as solder stencils and templates, may also be needed, depending on the task to be undertaken.

Industrial or Home-Based Equipment

When first starting to tinker with the world of electronics, it can be difficult to know exactly which items of soldering and desoldering equipment you'll need. As a guide, if your aim is solely to perform one circuit board repair, or to begin to learn how to fix your own electronics, you don't need to purchase a soldering station. A soldering iron should suffice, along with minimal soldering and desoldering equipment. Generally speaking, it is only those working in the electronics repairs industry who require temperature controlled industrial soldering equipment and other industry-level supplies.