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Solid State Relays

Discover a thorough selection of solid state relays

An SSR can turn on or off the power which is being supplied to a certain device, it is similar to a light switch in your home but instead of being switched by a human interaction, they are electronically switched. You can use different SSRs dependent upon your purpose.

Which type of SSR do I need?

On eBay the range of SSRs is continually altering, you can shop via specific brands if SSRs such as Finder Omron or Unbranded, they have different capabilities and voltage handling capacities, which means that you can utilise them for different uses. You can find solid state relays which are specifically tailored towards either AC or DC input or output, they offer surge protection and an LED indication if there is zero voltage. You can also discover SSRs with low profile relays which makes them ideal to be incorporated into small equipment.

What other types of relay are there?

You can find different types of relay such as general purpose relays, these switches close one electrical circuit by opening and closing contacts in another circuit.

With a broad range of relays available, you can find devices for specific uses, such as, relay modules and boards and time delay relays, which are used for controlling remote devices and allow switching, these can be used to control devices over a network or the internet. Whilst safety relays implement safety functions if a hazard occurs in order to reduce risk, they could monitor a specific plant or a machine.

You can search via the specific brand of relay that you require, with a similar offering of brands from SSR products, but with additional brands such as Panasonic, Schneider Electric, Finder and Crydom.