Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Immerse yourself in the experience

Watching your favourite 3d movie should be an experience. Don’t just watch, immerse yourself in the cinematic experience with Sony 3d glasses.

Keep the kids entertained with a Blu-ray movie with a multipack of Sony 3d glasses and some popcorn for a family night in, or invest in a more sturdy set of Sony 3d glasses. You may notice as you browse your options that there are two types of Sony 3d glasses – active and passive, what’s the difference?


Passive 3d glasses are what you get at a 3d movie with the polarised lenses; the lenses filter the light vertically on one lens, and horizontally on the other. It is as if two films are created and played simultaneously: one for each eye, your brain then knits together these images and the end product appears in 3d.


Active Sony 3d glasses use batteries to alternate LCD shutters over each eye blocking the light and picture. The shutters closing and opening is almost imperceptible to the brain, and allows your brain to see and process the imagery your 3d TV shows specifically for the left and right eyes, which when pieced together forms a 3d image. Active glasses have built in batteries and the ability to connect to your TV via Bluetooth.

Which is better?

It depends on the kind of 3D TV you have – if it is passive 3d the inexpensive passive glasses are the ones for you, they are light, comfortable and if you’re having multiple people over to watch a 3d movie easier and less costly.

If you have an active 3d TV pair it with some active Sony 3d glasses. Active glasses can be heavy and clunky with inbuilt shutters, circuitry and batteries - but they can provide a great experience, at a high cost in comparison to the passive option. Turn your movie nights into something special, even decorate the home cinema with movie memorabilia.

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