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Sony 85mm Focal Camera Lenses

Sony 85mm Camera Lenses

Sony camera lenses are meant to "inspire and fulfil curiosity". They are available in several types, such as portrait and telephoto and the popular Sony ZEISS lenses. The ZEISS, considered a high-quality lens since 1890 and used by cinematographers and photographers worldwide, maximises image quality. Add several Sony interchangeable lenses to your photography gear and never miss an important shot.

Sony Aspherical Lenses

Sony produces aspherical lenses to eliminate optical imperfections. Designed as a lightweight, 820-gram 85mm lens, it has an aperture range of f/1.4 to f/16. The device is designed to resist moisture and dust with a nano AR (anti-reflective) coating to reduce ghosting and lens flare. With a minimum focus distance of 80 centimetres and an autofocus feature, youll be able to take detailed close-ups of flowers, insects and other small objects. The lens contains front and rear caps along with a hood and case.

Sony Portrait Lenses

Portrait photographers rely on Sony portrait lenses that perform well in low-light conditions and reduce chromatic anomalies to improve image sharpness. A SSM (supersonic wave motor) and a focus hold button help when focusing manually to improve control. Furthermore, some models have an aperture ring that you switch to take stills or capture video.

Sony Telephoto Lenses

Sony telephoto lenses allow you to zoom in and out from 70 to 200mm and capture the best nature, sports or other types of photos. The ED (extra-low dispersion) glass enables you to take high-resolution pictures at any focal length. Likewise, when your hands are a little too shaky, the built-in Optical SteadyShot takes over so images arent blurred. This feature stays on when panning for horizontal shots.