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Got one to sell?

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Sony Batteries and Chargers

With a passion to please every consumer through products that entertain, Sony's goal is to pique your curiosity in innovative ways. Whether powering a camera, camcorder or other device you'll be able to purchase specific batteries and chargers so your electronic gadgets stay powered.

Single-Use Batteries

Sony single-use batteries, such as ones used in calculators, watches and electronic games, are called cell button or coin batteries. Sony makes a mercury-free example to offset any negative effects the chemical may cause when exposed to the human body. Considered a vanguard of technology, Sony invented a material to take the place of mercury and absorb the hydrogen gas that leaks from the battery. Additionally, you can use the versatile batteries to operate toys, lasers and medical devices. Sony also makes AA, AAA, C and other sizes of single-use batteries to fit such items as remotes, clocks and flashlights.

Rechargeable Batteries

Budget-friendly Sony rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 1,000 times. So instead of dashing off to the store to buy batteries you toss after each use, you'll simply replenish their energy using a charger. Since they are recyclable, you help conserve natural resources and keep harmful waste from leaching into the soil. Moreover, Sony makes rechargeable battery packs to fit digital cameras and camcorders so you never miss a shot.

Battery Chargers

Without a battery charger on hand, your rechargeable batteries are dead in the water. Depending on the model, a Sony battery charger may have the capacity to charge seven different battery sizes. You'll have access to a convenient foldable wall plug and micro USB cable to simply charging. Also, most chargers include an LED screen to view and monitor the charging status noted as a percentage.

Battery and Charger Combos

When buying batteries, it makes sense to purchase a combination package that includes the battery, charger and accessories. By keeping an extra battery and charger in your vehicle or bag, you'll always have access to them when travelling or to use as a spare set.

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