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Sony Beta VCRs

Sony released the first Betamax VCR in 1975, with the SL-6300 being the stand-alone VCR. Betamax is a videotape format from by Sony, with a sole purpose of enabling people to record their favourite programs as well as rent the pre-recorded ones. This was way before the introduction of VHS.

What Can I Do with a Sony Beta VCR?

  • Tape what you see: Betamax cassette recorder lets you record the show you're watching so you can watch it later over and over again. If two of your favourite shows are at the same time, Betamax system will record one show while you watch the other, and play it back whenever. Likewise, if your show airs when you're not home to watch it, Betamax can tape the shows you would have missed. Just set an automatic timer, put a tape, when you come home, your program will be on tape, ready for playback. It couldn't be easier! Besides, the Beta tapes are reusable.
  • Build your own video tape library: Sony Betamax VCR is a cassette player that allows you to program your own choice of shows, watch what you want, whenever you want and create your own permanent library of important TV shows, major sporting events like the Olympics and FIFA World Cup and others.

What are the outstanding features of a Betamax?

Betamax has a number of benefits in terms of recorded formats, including:

  • Size of the tape: The tapes are smaller and the cassette deck recorder is able to reproduce colour better than its rivals.
  • No threading: This cassette player has a better response when it comes to returning to play of fast-forwarding and the beta tape remains unthreaded from the heads during rewind and fast-forward.
  • Auto Programme Search (APS): This makes it possible to ‘Bookmark' at certain parts of the tape. Basically, the cassette recorder puts an electronic marker on the tape. If you engage the APS mode during fast-forward, the cassette player will stop the tape at the start of every recording, eliminating the need for you to keep stopping the tape and playing to try and find where you were.